Polkadot Leads Top 10 Cryptocurrencies with Over 20% Growth

Polkadot exhibited massive growth within hours and currently holds the position as the fastest-growing crypto asset. Placed ninth  on the top ten cryptocurrency list, the coin moved from $21 to $26 in just 12 hours.

The 20 percent increase in Polkadot price came at a period when Bitcoin defied the bears and soared up to $40,000. Bitcoin’s spike is a new development that wasn’t attained in the past two weeks. DOT at the time of this report is valued at $24.9.

Polkadot appears to have a lot in the offing for its investors as positive developments are continually unveiled. According to Colin Wu, a blockchain reporter, he tweeted that Polkadot is gearing to release 5.5507 DOTs on the 19th of June. 

Coinbase Pro Lists Polkadot

The US cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase began offering Polkadot trading on 14th of June. The addition comes as more interest is heaped on the digital asset, including institutional entities making advances to the “Ethereum Killer”. 

Coinbase users aside from those based in Singapore were able to carry out transactions on the Polkadot network. Trading for the digital asset would kick off on the platform by June 16th. DOT would be trading on par with USDT, BTC, EUR, GPB, USD. 

Despite its inclusion, Coinbase Pro won’t be offering Polkadot on its retail platform yet. The platform said it will release a separate announcement if the platform would accept the crypto asset in its retail list. It is expected that other Coinbase platforms will embrace Polkadot in the coming weeks. 

In another development, institutions are taking up an interest in Polkadot as current market trends make it confusing to decide on a crypto project. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and UBS have all announced their support for a Polkadot product like the 21 Shares AG’s ETP. 

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