Polkadot’s Parachains to be Tested on Kusama Network

Polkadot has released a comprehensive publication ahead of its upcoming parachains launch. The publication stated that two networks will be sites for testing and optimization of these parachains.

The foundation of the developing Polkadot network is their parachains which is getting underway very soon. The release of parachains is a major stepping stone for Polkadot, with its ambition to become a multi-chain architecture that is reliable and scalable.

Polkadot’s Launch

Polkadot’s network is still being tested on Rococo for the time being. This is a testnet that developers utilize for testing their parachains, as well as for fixing bugs before it is launched on the mainnet. The roadmap published by the company stated that a vote will be tendered through its on-chain governance to allow for parachains and slot auctions on Kusama.

Even though Polkadot wants to utilize the Kusama network for testing, it is actually a live network that has valid economic motivation. This way, the parachains are further proven on the testnet as Kusama allows developers to monitor real-time happenings like the network effects as the parachains are being tested. This would have been impossible with the traditional testnets.

Polkadot Launch Dependent on Community

The slot auctions kick off after the parachains have been tested adequately. The first in line to launch the well-tested parachains would be the community of its users. Dot holders would be the ones who vote on the enablement of its functionality.

The network explained in its roadmap that 100 parachain slot leases will be apportioned to developers by candle auctions that are not restricted. The auctions for slots will be initiated to give developers an opportunity to be able to process a parachain on their network. Polka also stated that when slots expire, auctions may increase to make new ones available to developers.


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