Poly Network Offers Hacker job, Another Hacker Saves Sushiswap

The recent victim of the largest single DeFi hack, Poly Network is offering the job of chief security advisor to the anonymous hacker who stole over $600 million worth of tokens from its platform last week.

It is, however, uncertain if the hacker will take the offer, going by his response posted on the Ethereum blockchain, which Tom Robinson, founder of Elliptic, a blockchain analysis and investigation firm, shared in a tweet.

While the hacker has still not released the complete control ofthe network, as the key to the multi-signature wallet is still in his control, Poly Network has emphasized that it is not planning to take any legal step against him, believing that he will do the needful soon.  

The company said in a statement that: “We are confident that Mr White Hat will promptly return full control of the assets to Poly Network and its users.” They also lauded the hacker’s contribution towards enhancing the platform’s security, saying their ambitions correspond with the hacker’s vision for DeFi and the crypto industry.

Per the $500,000 promised reward earlier refused by the hacker, he has indicated to reward blockchain security experts using the bug bounty. The decision that Poly Network did not oppose.

Like Poly Network, Like Sushiswap

While debates are still ongoing about the category to place the Poly Network hacker, either as a true white-hat hacker or not, an ethical hacker has again identified a vulnerability that could have led to a massive loss on SushiSwap. The hacker is said to be a crypto researcher from Paradigm. 

He identified a bug in the smart code contract for the BitDAO token sale on decentralized exchange SushiSwap’s MISO platform, then alerted the SushiSwap team. Currently, the use of its MISO Dutch auction format has been temporarily suspended until the smart contract code is updated.

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