Polygon Launches SDK to Improve Deployment of Ethereum-Linked Chains

The development of an “Internet of blockchains” is fast becoming a reality as Polygon (Previously Matic) has launched its Polygon SDK. This is a stacking solution based on the Ethereum Network that makes the addition of compatible chains easier. Developers employ the use of virtual machines to deploy the chains. 

At present, Ethereum is the most useful blockchain, having several DeFi systems and programmes tied to its network. This makes the blockchain attractive to investors and developers. The establishment of the Polygon SDK will make it easier for Ethereum to become multi-chain-based. The ETH network currently possesses several asset bridges and layer 2 solutions to make its development unique. 

The framework of the Polygon SDK will be a welcome development for and a huge event in Ethereum’s history. The SDK comes in diverse forms and permits to be more creative in the solutions they proffer on the blockchain. 

Polygon will keep up its momentum by the integration of more lasting database features like Tindermint and Hotstuff. Data availability and interchain messaging are further expected features. The co-founder of Polygon, Sandee Nailwa mentioned the need for relativity between networks to encourage interoperability.

Anti-Cryptocurrency Investor Supports the Polygon Project

Mark Cuban has become an active crypto enthusiast after a long time of criticising the innovation of cryptocurrencies. His conversion and new fondness for cryptocurrencies has reflected solidly as his sports venture, the Dallas Mavericks, maintained the acceptance of cryptocurrencies despite Elon Musk’s opinions.

Cuban celebrates the development of cryptocurrencies and the increasing utilization of the innovation. He believes that this is a good sign for a thriving crypto market. He proposes that he desires to be a part of its growth. 

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