Polygon Active Addresses Beats Ethereum

Polygon has begun to experience exponential growth as data shows that the daily active users’ participation on the network has surpassed that of the second-largest blockchain Ethereum amid crypto gaming mania.

Per data from PolygonScan, on Saturday, the daily active addresses on the network rose to an all-time high of 566,516, overtaking the second-largest network, Ethereum, whose record as of the same day stood at 527,158. Similarly, as of Sunday, October 3, Polygon’s record stood at 532,831 while Ethereum was at 472,079. This marks the first time Polygon is surpassing Ethereum.

Within the last few weeks, there had been a consistent interaction of users on the Ethereum network. However, Polygon has seen an increase in its active users by nearly 3 times. Interestingly, several of these influxes come from users’ interaction through Arc8, an upcoming mobile gaming app.

Arc8 Boosts Polygon Active Users

Arc8 was designed and developed by the GAMEE. It is a game that offers e-sports and crypto gaming together. Arc8 allows users to compete against other players and get rewards in GMEE tokens. Additionally, users can mine GMEE tokens on the Arc8 mobile app.

According to reports, mining of GMEE tokens which is one major activity on the Arc8 app, accounts for the uptick in Polygon activity which started rising on September 19.

In the last 24hours, the Arc8 had received over 257,000 active users, becoming the biggest app on the Polygon network. Aside from that, it takes third among the most played blockchain games.

However, on October 2, an investor in Variant, Spencer Noon, noted that both non-fungible tokens adoption and gaming fueled the Polygon increased user base.

In the Network report of October 2, Spencer said, “Since July, traders on Polygon OpenSea [the NFT marketplace] have multiplied 45.5x, and NFTs sold by 17.5x.” He also added that “Second, gaming is taking off. Arc8 is one example, achieving 104K DAU [daily active users] days after launch.”

Surprisingly, the increased Polygon network usage has not translated into an increase in its price. Its native token, MATIC, has not seen a meaningful gain despite the higher demand for network use. It currently stands around $1.27, which is still much lower than the September high of $1.80.

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