Polygon Partners with DIGITALAX to Offer Digital Fashion

On April 23, Polygon announced that it has partnered with DIGITALAX to offer digital fashion to its consumers. This partnership has been recognized as the first-ever Multi-token Bridge between Mainnet and Polygon.

Polygon which is a cross-Defi project was previously known as Matic Network. The partnership implies that non-fungible tokens will be minted on Polygon. The Minted digital collectibles will represent physical garments. Polygon bears play the role of providing a suitable environment for DIGITALAX to mint fashion items.

DIGITALAX on the other hand has the sole responsibility of creating digital objects that are appealing. The digital objects created will then be listed or auctioned for sale. DIGITALAX are known for their expertise in the tech space. The company focuses on 3D modeling as well as creating virtual reality frameworks.

It has been speculated that aside from the fashion aspect of their creations, this model could be replicated in the e-sports and gaming industry. The two companies involved may consider expanding into that niche sooner or later.

NFTs minted by DIGITALAX will be minted utilizing the ETH network. The ETH network is the foundation on which most NFTs are built. Although NFTs can be created and scaled on other chains or networks, the ETH chain takes a huge chunk of the NFT market.

Physical Objects to be Accompanied by Digital Tokens

DIGITALAX plans to introduce the concept of replicating all physical objects created in the digital space. Physical objects created will have a meme patch in form of NFTs. This implies that all purchases of physical objects from DIGITALAX will be accompanied by an equivalent digital token.

This sale and consumer satisfaction strategy can increase the adoption of digital tokens and in effect boost the market capitalization of the NFT niche. The collaboration of Polygon with DIGITALAX will definitely strengthen the digital tokens world. The success of digital tokens so far has revealed more use-cases of blockchain technology.

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