Polygon Set to Release An All-purpose Blockchain   

The expanding development of Polygon will now climax to the integration of a general-purpose blockchain. The blockchain is called “Avail” and would be the framework for all standalone chains, side chains, and layer 2 solutions of the Polygon network. 

Avail is designed to enable Polygon to overcome any more scalability issues. The blockchain has great features integrated within it. One of the most notable is the availability of foolproof data as well as the erasure coding and polynomial commitments for the creation of a two-way dimensional availability scheme. 

Using Avail’s single chains, Polygon can carry out several transactions efficiently. Anurag Arjun, the co-founder of the network described Avail as a mirror for future blockchains. According to him, off-chain scaling solutions require scalable data availability which Avail would stand-in for. 

Polygon’s Avail offers secure data hosting and an ordering layer that execution layers can leverage on. This would likely be the model for the development of future blockchains as explained. Currently, it is working on the development of the tools that are needed to make this possible.

Polygon Spreading its Tentacles 

Polygon flaunts an active team committed to the development of the network. Several partnerships are reeling in for the protocol as it continues to develop its functions. The network got into a partnership with Google recently and is offering blockchain datasets to BigQuery to provide accurate on-chain information. 

Several big-time investors have their eyes on the cryptocurrency which is seemingly overtaking other cryptocurrencies. On May 25th, billionaire Mark Cuban opened up his support for the potentially profitable network. The acclaimed “Ethereum Internet of blockchains” is desirous for a stable and reliable blockchain system. 

The crypto asset is currently the sixteenth biggest cryptocurrency on Coin Market Cap and has a market cap of over 7.129 billion. 

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