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Porsche Makes Entry to the NFT Community as it Launches Trading Card Platform Fanzone

German-based luxury car manufacturer,Porsche, has decided to venture into the NFT market after launching Fanzone, a trading card platform. With this platform, users can trade virtual assets with the cards. The development was presided over by a digital company builder Foreword 31.

Soccer playing cards are some of the cards made available and users can acquire a trade, or play games with them. Soccer players displaying their traits would be featured on the cards. For instance, the platform is in a partnership with the National Soccer Selection team in Germany and would be showcasing its players in the cards.

These cards are based on the Lukso blockchain. If anyone wants to extract them for security reasons, they can since they are digital assets. Christian Knörle who leads the company building at Porsche Digital said that they’re looking to strategically support Fanzone as a promising market.

Sport-Based Teams Leads NFT Drive

Sports teams and platforms have taken the NFT drive to a whole new level. These startups leverage the innovation to offer secure payment for their services to their fans. For instance, the NBA Top Shot platform is offering licensed Non-Fungible Tokens. Also, the soccer selection team in Argentina has launched its own tokenized assets and sold more than 600,000 units of them during the initial offering.

Similarly, Fanzone is offering licensed items to users. Of course, the flare for NFTs seems to be on the decline since April, however, it only seems to affect novice artworks as other powerful products and platforms are rising fast to success in the NFT Market. The general trend is the appreciation of NTFs as essential leverage for the distribution of their services.

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