Pplpleaser Sells NFT for $500,000

Popular digital artist, Pplpleaser, who auctioned her art a few days ago, shared a picture of herself crying – out of delight, of course – after another NFT auction recorded great success yet again. The artist, who is also quite known as a mainstream artist outside of the burgeoning world of NFT art pieces and DeFi, put her digital art up on Friday on the public bidding platform Foundation.app.

The response would be one capable of moving the Asian artist to tears.

Pplpleaser Recorded Exponential Success

“x*y=k” is the name of the Pplpleaser’s NFT art, and its following success has only grown eponymous since the start and completion of the bidding process. Pplpleasr’s art portrays a Uniswap-Esque unicorn on its excursion to accomplish the “Ethereum Promised Land.” The Ethereum coin dangles before it, waiting, so that on the unicorn’s journey, it awakens to several elements related to the DeFi exchange.

According to Pplpleaser, everything in the token art was thoroughly picked all through the creation of the brilliant piece. Every scene had a chosen motivation, each stroke a vestige and a representation of an element. Like the hue and colors of the art, for example, representing the various DeFi tokens that exist at this point. 

The public deal went on for one entire day, and the offers arrived quite early. Within 5 minutes of the public bid, the token was worth about $15,000.  In three more hours, the price would double, before finally resting at $100,000 after four hours since the bid began.

Thirty minutes to the end of the bid, just when the deal was set to end, the artist took to her Twitter page to tweet that the auction was indeed coming to a close. It was then biddings became frantic and frenetic. Within thirty minutes the price of the NFT had skyrocketed to $500,000. The final bid would be set at $525,676.30, the equivalent of 310 ETH. Won by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) set up specifically for this auction. 

The artist has dedicated all winnings to the Stand With Asians Movement, and has described her win not only for Asians and minorities in America but for women artists at large.


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