PSV Will Receive Sponsorship Payment in Bitcoin

Sport and the digital assets industry have been interacting closely in recent periods especially as many crypto players look to leverage on the popularity of these games to push the adoption of cryptocurrencies mainstream.


The latest in the burgeoning partnership between the two industries was seen as PSV, a leading Dutch club announced that it would be receiving its sponsorship payment fully in Bitcoin. This was revealed via a press statement released by the club about its partnership with a crypto brokerage firm, Anycoin Direct.

According to the press release, PSV will become the first club in Europe to receive its payment only in the digital asset. Another report noted that the partnership between both parties was worth $480,000 and it would be lasting for two years.

Also, the partnership would look to promote the crypto firm, Anycoin Direct whilst also calling for the mainstream adoption of digital assets around Europe.

While commenting on the development, Frans Janssen, Commercial Director PSV, said: “the possibilities and the future that the world of cryptocurrency offers is very promising. As a club in the heart of the Brainport region, we are always innovating; cryptocurrency fits well into this picture.” 

On the other hand, Lennert Vlemmings, the COO of Anycoin Direct stated that the payment being made in the flagship asset is a pointer that Europe needs to fully adopt cryptocurrencies.

It is important to note that this is not the first time that we would be seeing a mixture of crypto and the sports industry. In England, Watford FC, was spotted wearing an emblem of Dogecoin during its opening match of the season. Another premier league club, Southampton, would be receiving some of its end of the season bonus in Bitcoin.

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