Reddit User’s Wife Left him Because he did not Sell his Bitcoin

This might look strange, but it appears to be the reality of a Reddit user, Parking Meater, who claims that his wife left him because he refused to sell Bitcoin when its price hit $60K on March 10.

A peculiar post on the reddit titled “My wife is leaving because of Bitcoin” has generated rave reviews on the popular discussion forum. According to the the user, his wife moved out when he refused to sell his BTC holdings when its price hit $60k earlier this month because he was not in need.

Parking Meater said that he told his wife that he has enough cash with him, so he is not selling the holdings, but she left when she caught him buying more Bitcoins. This was what he posted on Reddit:

My wife left, and she went to stay at her sister’s house. She got mad when she came to know that I didn’t sell the coins when BTC hit the value of $60k in the market. I tried to stop her, saying that we don’t need money and already have the cash to have a stress-free life. But when she caught me buying more BTC, she left without saying anything and went to her sisters to stay there. Now I need help so tell me a good place where I can pick the girls in my Lamborghini.


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