Ripple Plans to Add ODL Metrics to its Website

Ripple plans to add ODL metrics to its site. On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) is a money transfer product that is founded on the Ripple network.

ODL allows individuals to send and receive money across borders. It also ensures that users of the Ripple network enjoy safe and secure transactions. Matt Hamilton, revealed that Ripple plans to make the ODL metrics available in the future. The ODL data may reveal the volume of funds transferred within a given period, transfer speed, and open corridors within a given time.

While Hamilton revealed that Ripple is currently considering these additions, he did not reveal any specific date for the expected product to be launched.

The Benefits Of ODL Metrics

This implies that individuals and institutions will be able to easily view data on ODL on the platform. Availability of metrics and transparency on the platform will attract more users.

The addition of this product to the corporate website will help individuals and financial institutions see the product as effective. The utilization rate will also be plain to the general public. This may improve the chances of Ripple getting more attention. More attention also means more adoption.

ODLs Current Use Case

At the moment, there are several ODL-based corridors that operate on the Ripple network. These different corridors are being used on different exchanges. However, in the meantime, ODL metrics do not exist on Ripple’s corporate website. Although the company caught the eyes of the SEC in recent months, it has bounced back from the setbacks.

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