Ripple Reaches Consensus with SEC on Documents Redaction

XRP is one of the top performers this week, and for a good reason. Ripple seems to be making positive progress in its case with the Securities and exchange commission (SEC). Last week, the court allowed XRP holders to be enjoined in the case between the SEC and Ripple. Now, the San Francisco-based company has been allowed to file redacted files after an agreement on the same with the SEC.

Ripple had requested that some of its documents be redacted in a bid to protect its commercial interests. Following this agreement, two of the documents that the company was to submit have been redacted while another two remain in contention. Commenting on this issue, the defense lawyer James K. Filan stated that the files that are proposed to be redacted remain sealed.

Ripple Labs Optimistic

Despite the on-goings with the case, Ripple Labs remained optimistic that it would win the case. In an interview, Brad Garlinghouse, the company’s CEO, stated that the company was confident about its chances of success in its case with the SEC. 

Re-listing Rumors

On top of the company’s optimism, there are rumors that Coinbase could be close to re-listing XRP. This is exciting and has played a considerable role in the recent rally of the crypto company’s native token that saw it test $0.64. If this happens, the asset could experience a massive rally in the short term, with the potential for even more gains long-term. The bottom line is that these are some exciting times for XRP investors.

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