Scotland Music School now Accept Bitcoin Payment

The integration of Bitcoin into the educational sector has seen some success over the years as there has been a rising interest in the asset by educational institutions, both as a subject of study and a payment method.

One institution to join the fray recently is the Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh, Scotland. The school of music has joined other schools like Cumbria University, in accepting the famous crypto king as payment for its tuition.

A statement from the director of the Edinburgh School of music, Linda Boyd, indicated that the institution made the change based on the advice of several of its adult students who work in the fields of finance and technology. In her words, “we sometimes use things like Bitcoin to pay for goods for the school, so we know how fast and easy it is and want our music students to be able to do the same.”

Edinburgh is a fast growing hub and is well-known as a national fintech cluster of professionals. The new development is intended to ease the pressure on its students and also show that the school was evolving along with the changing trends in the world.

In recent times, there has been an increased number of institutions and companies accepting the leading crypto asset and other digital coins as a payment method for their goods and services. Recently, Tesla announced that it would now accept Bitcoin as payment for its cars, PayPal also now supports the use of crypto as a transaction settlement option for its 29 million merchants.

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