SEC Filings Reveal BlackRock’s BTC Futures Held Since January

Global asset management giant, BlackRock, seems to have held a small percentage of CME Bitcoin Futures at the beginning of the year. According to filings from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) archives, the colossal investment firm held $360, 457 in BTC Futures which expired on March 31.

At the beginning of the year, BlackRock indicated an interest in Bitcoin and revealed that it would set up two funds to venture into Bitcoin Futures. The filing report done by 31st January revealed that Black Rock had 0.0014 percent of its global fund held in Bitcoin futures.

BlackRock Investment is Proof of Increasing Institutional Interest

As Bitcoin and other coins continue to rally in the current bull run, there’s been a lot of big corporations and investment firms getting into the crypto space. Wall Street giants and global fund managers are coming up with crypto products to accommodate the ever-increasing demand by their clients.

Following the addition of Bitcoin into PayPal and the decision by Microstrategy to hold some of its reserve assets in crypto, large companies have joined the bandwagon.

Often, crypto adoption has been slow making scalability a pain in the neck. However, Morgan Stanley has noted that as more institutions continue to embrace Bitcoin, crypto is quickly reaching the masses.

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