Sheetz Becomes Next US Major Retailer to Accept Crypto Payments

As the mainstream adaptation of crypto assets continues to grow, Sheetz became the latest major firm to jump the digital assets bandwagon and revealed its plans to accept crypto payments across the US.

One of America’s most popular convenience store chains said in a statement on Thursday that it is teaming up with digital payments provider Flexa to allow its customers to pay using virtual assets.

According to the statement by Sheetz, the new crypto payment option was for its gas stations as well as its stores. The firm currently has more than 600 hundred stores across states in the US. The company said that it would accept some of the famous tokens in the crypto market, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Elon Musk’s favorite Dogecoin.

Besides that, Sheetz’s decision to start accepting crypto assets as a form of payment is an extension of its business relationship with NCR, the famous point-of-sale payment. After rolling out its crypto acceptance initiative, the firm also plans to link Flexa wallet with its reward program for customers.

This comes as many other American companies have started accepting digital assets. Only recently, a well-known hotel chain, The Kessler Collection, accepted stablecoins and digital tokens as a payment option.

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