Shopify Founder Considers Integration of Company into DeFi Space

Luke Tobi Lütke, CEO and founder of Shopify, has recently taken a fond interest in the cryptocurrency space in recent weeks, stirring excitement within the past twenty-four hours.

Shopify CEO Tweets Shows Signs of Crypto Adoption

Right on the cusp of a languid Friday evening, the programmer and CEO tweeted and poked the “DeFi” cryptocurrency community of Twitter, about possible solutions the mega company could offer to the DeFi space in terms of commerce.

The certainly casual tweet drew many reactions, including various DeFi power players like Nansen’s Alex Svanevik and ConsenSys’ Corbin Page. Svanevik suggested enabling stablecoins payment to mitigate the effect of high gas fees, while Page referred to a more complex product built with a programmer friend, Jack, to allow direct payments into DeFi protocols.

The CEO’s latest interest in DeFi and crypto-related themes is further testament to the steady introduction of the cryptocurrency space into mainstream culture.

While exceptionally tentative in nature, Lütke’s fond stance of the cryptocurrency space is good news for the industry and a reawakening into the limitless possibilities of cryptocurrency integration. Especially considering the fact that Lütke had also commented earlier in the day on the captivating proposition of “Smart Contracts” in the DeFi ecosystem, and how he had begun “dabbling” with them already. The Shopify Founder fond tease with the DeFi industry therefore looks nothing like a coincidence.

The possibilities might be slim for now, of course, but a successful integration of Shopify and the DeFi ecosystem would be a match in heaven. And who’s to regret such seamless bliss? A final successful integration of the DeFi space with the biggest company in Canada, would only mean one thing: DeFi would comfortably have made its way into the mainstream in the shortest possible time, and we would be here to celebrate its win.

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