Shopify now Supports NFTs Sales

In another indication that NFTs are growing in leaps and bounds in the crypto space, leading e-commerce company, Shopify, through its President has announced that merchants on its platform would now be able to sell these tokens. 

President Harley Finkelstein had taken to Twitter to announce this landmark development. According to Finkelstein, the multinational company would now allow its over 1 million merchants to sell these NFTs directly.

This means that businesses on Shopify would no longer need to transact via third parties, thus, buyers would be able to transact directly with the sellers. 

Already, Chicago Bulls is looking to capitalize on this announcement by launching its “Legacy Collection” of NFTs that would be sold via the platform. The NFTs were created by Dapper Labs and it comprises six championship rings by offering six unique token designs. According to its website, there are 567 NFTs available and their rarity would only be revealed after the NFT is opened.

Interestingly, this is not the firm’s first foray into the crypto space. The firm had hitherto partnered with leading crypto firm, CoinPayments, to accept up to 1500 crypto assets as a viable payment option for its merchants. 

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