Snoop Dogg Holds NFTs Worth Over $10 Million

In a shocking revelation, sensational Music artist Snoop Dogg has revealed his pseudonym account on Twitter as “Cozomo de’ Medici,” a newbie NFT collector who is holding around $17 million worth of assets in the space.

Cozomo, who first created his OpenSea and Twitter account in August, has been able to amass over 40k followers and has also bought over 200 NFTs ranging from Cryptopunks, Cosmoflowers, and SnoopDogg Cash.

The American rapper, through his pseudonymous account, revealed that he bought his first “useless Jpeg” for $2 million. He also uses the account to talk majorly about NFTs and also gifting crypto assets to his followers.

Upon revealing his identity, Snoop Dogg used his Cozomo account to gift one of his followers 1 ETH claiming that many of his followers prefer to relate to him using the account rather than through his celebrity status. According to him, he is grateful for the “outpouring of love.”

Interestingly, we have seen the entrance of major superstars into the crypto space. Sport superstars like Steph Curry have made tangible investments into the space. Also, Jason Derulo, an American pop star, had thanked “Cozomo” for his role in introducing him to NFTs.

Apart from celebrities, we reported that multinational companies like Visa have also invested in the NFT space.

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