Star Wars Launch NFT Sales; Eiffel Towers Art Sells on OVR

Star Wars has launched over 800 digital collectibles for sale as NFTs on the Starcoll NFT marketplace. Most of the digital collectibles displayed are from the shooting scenes in the famous blockbuster.

In recent times, NFTs have caught the attention of a lot of organizations, especially in the entertainment industry. Star Wars collectors have decided to join this fad and make the best out of it. Starcoll will serve as the marketplace for the Star Wars NFTs. The famous toy plug will be offering its consumers both the digital and real-world versions of tokens and art purchased.

The Starcoll marketplace is built on the QAN blockchain. In this way, all NFTs have a high level of protection from attackers. NFTs sold to consumers will reveal the data of the digital token owner. This feature however can be removed if the collector chooses to be anonymous.

Registration for the global exhibition of the Star Wars collectibles kicked off on the 4th of May. This was a perfect time to serve as an homage to fans celebrating May 4th as the “May the Fourth Be With You”.

Eiffel Tower Sells on OVR

The Starcoll marketplace is not the only NFT niche that is booming at the moment. OVR is also making waves in the space. Recently on, the Eiffel tower NFT was sold for almost $106.9k. This amounts to about 38.6159 ETH. The sales started as an auction in which the highest bidder won the bid.

The collector of the highly valued token, popularly called Camembert has already purchased some other highly valued assets like the Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane NFTs. He expressed his excitement about being able to grab hold of the Eiffel Tower digital art and described it as a powerful and distinctive symbol.

OVR is a Real estate space that allows owners to create their NFTs on virtual lands. Collectors can also make purchases of digital tokens in form of real estate and add the content on OVRLands to be seen by thousands of people.

At the moment, over 240 thousand NFTs have been sold on OVRLand. The OVR project launched just 4 months ago and has been growing rapidly since its inception.

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