‘DogeFather’ Asks for Suggestions to Make the Meme Token Better

A few months after Tesla’s CEO revealed that he would be working closely with the Dogecoin developers to make the meme token better, affordable, and fast. Elon Musk is now requesting for the opinion of his Twitter followers on how he can further develop the asset.

According to the tweet, Musk wants the supporters of the token to help make the token better by submitting ideas on Github and Reddit.

Notably, before his Saturday Night Live show, the billionaire had called himself the “Dogefather,” and it looks like he is caring about the token just like a parent would.

Reactions Trailing Dogecoin’s Development Suggestion

While there has been a ton of responses fans to his tweet, Musk noted that one of the suggestions requested that “the fees of the virtual token should be based on different phases of the moon.”

Another user on Reddit came up with an interesting idea; he asked Musk to allow Tesla’s electric cars to mine the meme token when plugged in at night. Plus, the user also urged him to drop gas fees and make the currency more environmentally friendly. 

Some users, however, questioned Musk about his views on the second most popular crypto-token, Ethereum, while others criticized his support for the meme token. 

Given Musk’s track record, supporters of the meme token are optimistic about the predictions of Doge hitting the one dollar mark. The SpaceX founder aim for the token remain faster transactions and lower gas fees.

On the other hand, many crypto experts credit the American businessman for the surge of token’s price. But many criticize this influence over the crypto asset, arguing that it is nothing less than manipulation.

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