Justin Sun Offers $1 million for Dorsey’s NFT Tweet

Jack Dorsey has been offered over $500,000 by Justin Sun, for his first-ever published post that has now been minted into a non fungible token (NFT).

The $500,000 offer by Tron CEO followed the news that the Twitter CEO, Jack, was offering his first tweet on the leading social media site for sale as an NFT. The said tweet is currently on the Valuables platform run by Ethereum-based service Cent.

Race for Dorsey’s Tweet is Heating up

The first-ever tweet, posted in 2006 by Dorsey “just setting up my twttr” has started seeing high demands, as bidders are already coming with bids that are well over $100,000.

Moments ago, Tron CEO expressed his willingness to offer $500, 000 to buy the Jack post. He has now updated his offer and he is willing to pay around $1 million for that pioneer tweet.

NFTs Appear Here to Stay

In recent times, the crypto space has been set abuzz with news of how this sub-sector has been performing. While NBA Top Shots have been dominating the space, we have already witnessed sales worth millions of dollars in the space.

Beeple recently sold a digital artwork of Donald Trump for over $6 million, while Canadian musician, Grimes, recently released her NFT art collection too. 

The sector enjoys the support of major names like Mark Cuban who has hailed the initiative as the future of art.

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