Australian survey shows 50% of new investors think Elon Musk created Bitcoin

Recent surveys on the dynamics of crypto investors are giving fascinating findings. One of the things that have become apparent is that the 2021 rally has brought in lots of new traders into the market, and they have lots of interesting ideas about the market.

A recent study on a thousand people in Australia found that 50 percent of the respondents believed that Elon Musk was the creator of Bitcoin. Interestingly a sizeable portion of them does not know about the supply of Bitcoin. To be precise, 44 percent of the one thousand-plus respondents believed that Bitcoin’s supply is not limited.

The survey also revealed that a lot of Australians want to get involved in crypto within 2021. However, more than 20 percent of those who were surveyed do not know how to buy cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, interesting statistics come from a global survey by Overbit, a crypto survey company based in Singapore. One of the survey findings was that about 32 percent of new crypto traders got into crypto following the recent rally.

The survey by Overbit also revealed a difference in how novice and professional traders are viewing the market presently. The research revealed that the majority of new crypto traders were going all-in on crypto. It also revealed that most of them were doing this, driven by the urge for high returns that come with the crypto market.

By contrast, over 80 percent of pro-traders interviewed said that they were diversifying into stocks, real estate, among other investments. This is evident in the growing number of transactions made into high-value conventional assets such as real estate using cryptocurrencies.

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