After NFT Launch, Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Eyes Doge

Foremost Tennis star, Naomi Osaka has shown interest in Dogecoin. The globally recognised athlete has recently begin talks with her agent about cryptocurrencies after reading about the potentials about Dogecoin on famous microblogging app, Twitter.

There has been indication that she could diversify her investments into cryptocurrency after taking note of the hype around Dogecoin (DOGE), which was famously led by one of the richest men in the world, Elon Musk.

Speaking during a recent interview with Bloomberg, Osaka disclosed that she has been in talks with her agent about cryptocurrencies after reading about Dogecoin and its possibility to pop up.

Osaka, who is regarded as a legend of her sports, credited Twitters crypto ecosystem to as the primary source of her interest in Dogecoin investments. She noted that the platform had piqued her interest in the coin even before she spoke to her agent about it.

Recall that just before the U.S. Open tournament began, Osaka also joined the non fungible token (NFT) space through the launch of a collection of rare tokens just before the tournament.

Alongside her sister, Maria Osaka, she also launched a six-piece collection of one-of-one NFTs. The collection was reported to have collectively sold for nearly $600,000. 

Out of the lot, the highest purchase amount for one NFT was $200,200. This amount currently stands as the most expensive sold by a professional tennis player.

Aside Tennis, where a lot of stars have begun to appreciate crypto currency, another major sport that has shown continued interest in NFT is soccer.

Recall that few weeks ago, foremost European club, Paris Saint-Germain launched PSG fan tokens. The token took off after legendary player Lionel Messi joined the club. Messi’s two-year contract with the club also reportedly includes PSG tokens as a part of his payment

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