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Terra Virtua is Selling a Godzilla vs Kong Themed NFT

Long-time fans of the Godzilla and King Kong franchise, both owned by the media giant, Warner Bros entertainment Inc, are all looking forward to today’s release of the long awaited release of the epic movie, Godzilla vs Kong.

It should come as no surprise however, that exclusive content is being released to interested collectors through an innovative partnership between Warner Bros and Terra Virtua, an NFT system capable of handling mass enterprise, there’s a sale of Godzilla vs Kong NFT collectibles, made, to coincide with the release of the movie to selected theatres and on HBO Max.

Terra Virtua released a statement announcing the digital posters from the official Twitter account, and a senior executive from Legendary Entertainment, the producers of the Godzilla and Kong movies, named James Ngo mentioned how incredible the international launch of the Godzilla vs Kong franchise had been. He also spoke about the excitement and energy he hopes the partnership can bring to blockchain, hinting at the possibility of future collaborations like this, depending on the success of the current one.

The NFT digital artworks will be in the form of two retro-themed 2DA artworks, each sporting one of the titular characters of the movie, and will cost $75. This sort of NFT collectible is the first time anyone has joined a movie release with a NFT. Interested buyers can head to Terra Virtua to obtain the collectible artwork with Terra Virtua’s token or through the Terra Virtua Kolect.

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