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The Simpsons Predict Bitcoin’s Future

In its latest episode, The Simpsons, a widely followed animated sitcom, has made a bullish prediction for the price of Bitcoin.

The prediction by the 31-year-running cartoon, which is one of the most watched anime in TV history, was made in its Sunday episode titled “Burgers Kings.”

During the program, the characters engaged in discussions about the financial market for stocks of a new burger chain created by the town’s billionaire, Montgomery Burns.

Source: The Simpsons

When Marge, one of the characters, was checking on her gains during an episode of Crazy Cash, the ticker feed shows the price of the leading asset next to a green infinity symbol.

Similarly, during the show, characters predicted that the value of the entire United States will drop by a quarter-point and that of GameStop will rise by a trillion.

Before the latest prediction, The Simpsons did something similar in 2020 when actor Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory appeared as a guest star to explain cryptocurrencies and how a distributed ledgers work. During that episode, the actor described crypto as the “cash of the future.”

The popular sitcom is quite popular for some of its past predictions that has happened. The show correctly predicted Donald Trump’s ascendancy while also predicting innovations in technology like video chatting, smartwatches and autocorrect.

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