Theta Token Becomes a Top 10 Crypto Asset

At any given time, there is a crypto asset that gains momentum faster than the market and offers investors incredible opportunities. In the last 30-days, that digital coin has been Theta token. Within this period, the token has nearly tripled in value, and today, it has surpassed Chainlink to break into the top 10 by market capitalization according to available data on Coinmarketcap.

Theta token is the native token of the theta network, a blockchain-based streaming network. The network’s core aim is to decentralize optimally provide video streaming services. It aims to do this by eliminating the inefficiencies that characterize traditional video streaming services.

Theta Network Offers Content Creators a new Lease of Life

In conventional content delivery services, a content creator has first to upload the content to a centralized platform. While it works, this system has its inefficiencies because the content delivery systems may fail to work in some parts of the world. There is also the issue of buffering when there is heavy usage. Lastly is the issue of revenue. Due to the use of middlemen in the streaming process, the content creator earns a lot less than what they would otherwise earn.

With the Theta network, users can share bandwidth and earn its native token. On top of that, the fact that the network is decentralized means that content creators earn more since the more popular their content is, they have a huge opportunity of earning more Theta tokens. The network is also reportedly aiming to give entertainers access to issue NFTs on its platform.

The token is currently enjoying high patronage in South Korea where according to Wu Blockchain, it is being “irrationally sought after.” Apart from that, concerns exist about the decentralization of the asset as “61% of the currency is owned by the top 10% of users,” which means it could be easy for these users to sway the market in their favor.

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