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Time Magazine to Partner With Grayscale To Hold Bitcoin

The CEO of Grayscale, Michael Sonnenshien has announced the firm’s partnership with TIME magazine. The top cryptocurrency asset manager has revealed that it has partnered with the media house to produce a video series based on cryptocurrencies. In an unprecedented move, the bestselling publication will also be getting paid in Bitcoin as part of the agreement.

TIME Magazine has Been Preparing for This

A month ago, a job opening for a new chief financial officer who is comfortable with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was published by TIME Magazine.

Also recently, one its most popular covers went on sales as non-fungible tokens. One of the covers “The Computer In Society” was bought by Justin Sun, Tron’s Chief Executive Officer, for 117 ETH.

A Landmark Deal

In a first of his kind deal, TIME magazine will hold the world’s largest cryptocurrency on its balance sheet after agreeing, as part of the deal, to be paid in Bitcoin. This move is expected to shape future trends at the leading publication and enhance their relationship with the tech industry.

Grayscale’s CEO Michael welcomed the development, describing it as a win for cryptocurrency in a world where digital payments are fast becoming the norm.

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