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TIME Magazine Wants CFO With Crypto Experience

Leading American news magazine, TIME  Magazine, wants to hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) that would be in charge of all issues related to finances of the firm and one of the criteria for the position is that he/she must be comfortable with Bitcoin and other crypto assets. This was made known via a job listing made on leading employment seeking platform, LinkedIn.

While TIME magazine did not state what the CFO would be doing with the cryptocurrencies, the media company agreed that its “industry is undergoing a rapid evolution,” and there would be a need for a financial officer who would “guide its transformation.”

The successful applicant will take over from Christopher Grayson, who is the outgoing CFO of the firm and has been with them since 2018. The applicant would also be saddled with being at the top of the financial trends and making sure that the publishing house meet all of the very best financial practices in the world.

In recent times, businesses across the world are paying more attention to how their operations can take advantage of the ongoing crypto revolution and how they can leverage on the system to their benefits. 

Time Magazine Mints 3 NFTs

Another indication that TIME magazine is beginning to embrace crypto is an announcement it made earlier today where it stated that the firm would be joining the ongoing NFT craze by selling three NFTs individually and as a collection. 

According to the firm, its NFTs would be based on a series of typological covers that were inspired by “Is God Dead?” a cover of its magazine on April 8, 1966. This cover was the first cover in the 98 years history of the magazine to include only typography and no image.

TIME Magazine’s NFT of “Is God Dead?” is already available on SuperRare, plus its April 3, 2017 cover, “Is Truth Dead?”, and the upcoming March 29 to April 5 cover, “Is Fiat Dead?”

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