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Tokens for MMA Fans to be Launched on Chiliz Blockchain

A maximum of 20 million tickets in supply is expected as per the debate held in June.  The blockchain has been created for fans to receive as the biggest association of martial arts has launched tokens in the fighting championship. will be used in rewarding the tokens to fans, as announced on Tuesday by the UFC formally. The token is minted on the blockchain of  Chilliz and is expected to have a maximum of twenty million tokens.

Just as done in fan tokens of Socios and Chilliz in other token arrangements, the tokens of UFC are set to motivate the fans to engage in more content access, voting, competitions, VIP rewards, promotions, and various opportunities that may be available.

Tracey, a top official of the firm, announced that token-based rewards are the best way of rewarding fans for their love of sport while increasing the chances of appreciating the more than 625 million fans worldwide in a special manner.

No presales of the tokens are expected to be sold by the UFC on any platform, while sales will majorly be made in the Socios app as announced by the CEO of Socios and Chili.

UFC, along with Chiliz, allowed partnership for the first time the previous year to allow their fans to get better experiences. The two companies have since made crypto and various blockchain advancements.

Thus, the introduction of the token programs has led to the signing of the online partnership, which is powered by crypto in the online platform as of March 2021.

The UFC company is among the first to have a token for fans using the Socios ecosystem, thus expanding the global blockchain expansion. The news has been followed after the announcement of the fifty million dollar plan for the growth of Chiliz in the United States of America.

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