Top Nigeria Music Act Ponders Setting up a Bitcoin Trading Platform

David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido is one of the biggest names in Nigeria’s musical industry. He has stated his intentions of setting up a “Bitcoin trading company.” This was made known via a tweet he sent to his teeming followers, who are mostly millennials, about his desire to own a crypto based trading company. Though, he added a caveat that he was still thinking about it.

The Nigerian superstar who has a discography full of numerous hit tracks that have dominated both local and international scenes has also had several collaborations with international superstars like Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mills, and a host of other top acts.

His intention to start a crypto related company is a huge endorsement for the fledgling Bitcoin industry in the country and in Africa at large where we have seen millennials adopt the crypto asset as a viable means of store of value and as a means of exchange. We also saw Nigerians youth adopt the leading crypto asset as donations during their protest against police brutality after the authorities had enforced restrictions on their conventional bank accounts.

The musician has also previously announced a partnership with a crypto payment startup in Ghana, Bitsikaafrica. According to him, the Ghana based company is “cure for all transfer and payment issues.”

Davido is however not the only African artist with interest in crypto. Akon, a top American artist with ties to Senegal also recently worked on a massive crypto project.

The musician is building a smart city that would run on Akoin cryptocurrency in Senegal. The project has been ongoing for quite a while now and it is expected to launch soon.

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