Tron and BSCPad to Create First-Ever Tron IDO Launchpad

Tron and BSCPad have announced that they are joining hands to create TRONPAD IDO. This will be the first IDO launchpad to launch on the Tron blockchain.

Commenting on the collaboration, Tron founder Justin Sun stated that the move is necessitated by the huge adoption of cryptocurrencies at the moment. Justin noted that TRONPAD IDO would be an excellent place for projects looking to launch on the Tron blockchain. He has also given a vote of confidence to the BSCPad team, noting that they were among the best in crypto.

On his part, BSCPad cofounder, Godzilla, stated that his team was pleased with the Tron collaboration. He added that he believes TRONPAD will give users the incentive to support projects by holding tokens.

BSCPad stands out as one of the fairest IDO launch pads in crypto. Its structure allows for a fair system in the launch of decentralized crypto projects. Through its systems, projects can raise the liquidity needed to build while also fairly distributing tokens to investors.

The BSCPad team is also continually working to ensure that the system remains fair to everyone. One way it does this is by ensuring that bots are not used for manipulation during project launches.

By coming together, BSCPad and Tron are hoping to build on each other’s strengths. BSCPad has the market research, while Tron’s marketing prowess will come in handy.

When is the Launch Date?

The launch date for TRONPAD IDO has not been announced yet. However, investors can get the information they need on BSC Telegram.

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