Tron’s Justin Sun Refutes Allegations That He Paid Celebrity to Tweet

Tron’s Justin Sun refutes allegations that he paid celebrity to tweet

 · Brownlee on the offensive against Tron

· Various celebrities had tweeted about Tron and its seemed coordinated

· Justin Sun vehemently refutes claims

Since its inception in 2017, Tron has been marred by one controversy or the other. The first scandal was the issue of its whitepaper that was found to be plagiarized from Euthereum. Next was another scandal surrounding its founder, Justin Sun.

Is Justin Sun’s Tron paying celebrities?

Tron has found itself in a new scandal today as a Youtuber is the one pointing fingers. He claimed that Tron had reached out to him to talk about the digital currency to his millions of followers. Sun wasted no time in saying these claims were false. However, the YouTuber shared screenshots of celebrities who had tweeted about Tron over the past few weeks. Marques Brownlee, the progenitor of the MKBHD channel, tweeted that he had been approached to talk about the Tron network casually to make it look organic.

After Justin Sun denied the allegations, the technology YouTuber said that he did not have an interest in Tron. He is, however, willing to help them figure out anything that seemed unclear as he had email receipts.

Justin claimed that whatever claims Brownlee had was unfounded as there was no authorized instruction towards such by the Tron Foundation. Justin also said that he would look into the community and find out what the problem was.

Justin’s denial of Tron engagement with celebrities Rebutted

Brownlee said he had not gotten any payments himself, but he was sure that Tron had paid various celebrities like Ne-yo and Lindsay Lohan. These celebrities have been noticed to have recently tweeted about Tron, its blockchain projects as well as its structure.

None of them were tagged as promotional tweets. The laws of the United States require that any promotion made on social media should be tagged appropriately. However, Sun said that these tweets were just random as these same celebrities were actively using Tron because of its low costs and its swiftness.

However, Brownlee shared screenshots of his mail that was sent to him. That mail stated that he could make his interactions creative so that it does not seem like a promotional tweet.


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