Twitter Announces Bitcoin Tips for Users

If you have a huge following on Twitter and use an iOS device, it’s a great time for you. Twitter has finally launched its tip function, and it includes Bitcoin integration enabled through the Lightning Network.

The feature enables users to tip creators they like through the 3rd party payments platform, Cashapp, which is also owned by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. However, those who don’t have access to fiat can also tip using BTC.

The Bitcoin functionality is enabled through Lightning Network, which is a Layer 2 solution. Esther Crawford, the product manager for this feature, claims it was chosen for its low fees. Users simply have to add their Bitcoin address or Bitcoin Lightning wallet to send and receive BTC. At the moment, this integration is limited to iOS devices, but Android users can expect it soon.

The rumours of a Twitter tipping feature started earlier this month. Alessandro Paluzzi leaked a picture showing the beta of the integration. The mobile developer further explained that integration would use the dedicated app for Lightning, Strike. Official sources have since confirmed this.

At that time, the platform didn’t confirm Paluzzi’s statement officially, but some of those working on the project interacted with the tweet. For example, product developer Kayvon Beykpour quoted tweeted, adding “soon” arrow and lightning emojis.

According to Crawford, enabling payments in several countries with different currencies is still something that the team is working on. But the Bitcoin functionality already makes it a little easier for everyone to use the tip feature regardless of where they are. Speaking at a press briefing, Crawford said that Twitter seeks to give everyone the chance to earn digital currency, encourage more participation in the economy, and reduce the friction associated with cross-border transfers.

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