Twitter Suspends Major Crypto Related Accounts

Some popular crypto related accounts have been suspended for no known reason. Some of the accounts suspended include those owned by: Willy Woo, an influential crypto analyst band Bitcoin enthusiast, PlanB, the founder of Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model, and that of Carl Runefelt, a crypto enthusiast and influential trader. Other suspended Twitter accounts include Koroush AK a popular crypto influencer and the acclaimed WSB Chairman.

Thankfully, PlanB’s account has been restored. Although Willy Woo’s account has been restored, his number of followers has not been fixed.

Tone Vays (#EndLockdowns) (@ToneVays) took to Twitter to call attention to this mass purge.

No Warning, no Reason Given Till Now

These crypto related accounts were arbitrarily suspended without any warning, message or any form of explanation from the leading social media site. As a form of precaution, other popular crypto influencers on Twitter are now changing the settings of their account to private.

According to Loma, a popular crypto trader with followers in excess of 100,000 he has since change his settings to private in the wake of this spurious suspensions. He opined that the suspensions might be due to Twitter bots or mass reports.

Centralized Social Media Platforms Vs Crypto

The mass purge of crypto related accounts is not the first time a centralized platform would censor crypto related accounts for just no tangible reason. Recall that in 2020, YouTube suspended accounts and banned Bitcoin related videos.

Surprisingly, Jack Dorsey, CEO of the site, is a well-known Bitcoin supporter and influencer. Why the leading social site would suspend crypto related accounts is still largely unknown.

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