UK Police Uncovers Illegal Bitcoin Mining Rig, Seizes 100 ASIC Miners

The West Midlands Police in the United Kingdom has uncovered an illegal Bitcoin mining rig in the process of a cannabis search operation. The mining facility has allegedly been using electricity without licence for its activities. The accumulated value for the stolen energy runs into thousands of pounds. 

The event occurred in Sandwell where the police were conducting a warrant at an industrial unit, presuming that it contained a cannabis farm. However, it turned out to be the raid of an illegal ASIC mining outlet. 

The raid was triggered by a tipoff that alerted the police of the drug farm that was as well conducting high-scale human trafficking, massive wiring and the use of ducts. The UK police went ahead to employ drones that picked up heat signals from the supposed building. The heat signals were however erupting from ASIC Miners, leading to police to cart away several hardware and one hundred ASIC Miners. 

Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption Actively Monitored

Bitcoin mining has been receiving a lot of attention recently. The energy consumption of the cryptocurrency has spiked after the price increased due to recent rallies. The annual estimated energy consumption rate for BTC Mining has clocked about 143 TWh, as at May 5th. Global concerns are on the increase over its energy usage which several analysts rate it higher than that of the entire country of Argentina. 

Car manufacturing giant, Tesla, has suspended its use as payment while China has clamped down on its mining totally. These recent developments led to a huge reversal in the value of Bitcoin. However, a lot of preparations are underway to use renewable energy for BTC mining. 

Jennifer Griffin, a police sergeant in Sandwell has assured that Bitcoin mining itself isn’t illegal. The government had earlier uncovered other miners in the area. Griffin made it clear that no one was arrested as regards the case because the structure was deserted when it was raided. 

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