Uniswap Deploys V3 Contracts to all Ethereum Testnets

The famous decentralized exchange, Uniswap has moved a step closer in its plans to launch its third iteration. In a tweet on April 21, 2021, developers of the exchange announced that the V3 core has finally been deployed to all major Ethereum testnets.

The link to the testnet addresses was also added to their twitter post and all Engineers building on Uniswap V3 platform were encouraged to check up the testnet addresses on GitHub.

Also, the DEX stated that it’s a possibility for one or all of the testnet addresses to be updated in the future as the repository wasn’t final yet and was subject to change.

Features of the V3 Upgrade

This upgrade does not come as a surprise to many in the crypto world as the famous platform has attracted multiple negative reviews in recent times dues to its high gas fees. Thus, it was necessary for the decentralized exchange to find a way around this obvious challenge.

That is where this upgrade, which will unveil features like automated market making and multiple fee tiers comes in to help users.

Uniswap’s Trading Volume

At the moment, gas fees on Uniswap sit at an average of $67.86 per transaction, though, somehow, this high gas fees is yet to totally put off away a lot of users from the exchange.

Uniswap recently achieved a new milestone in weekly trading volume. The platform recorded a new high of $10 billion in volume for the first time.

It is expected that after the V3 upgrade, the trading volume on the protocol will hit a new record high as more users will be attracted to the platform.

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