US Investors Prefer Bitcoin to Gold

A recent survey carried out by BitFlyer has shown that most Americans now prefer investments in Bitcoin over that of gold. The survey also found out that Americans had a more positive inclination towards the crypto industry than their peers in Japan.

The survey had over 3,000 respondents in Japan and in the USA and its aim was to study the view of investors in both countries about the crypto industry while also confirming their investment option preference. The result showed that over 50% of the respondents based in the United States regarded Stocks as their most preferred means of investment while risk averse 401k and certificate of deposits came second with 35%.

Investments in Real Estate came third with 31% while the crypto industry came fourth with 30%. Other investment options like the typical mutual funds that include ETFs and index funds, and bonds ranked below investments in cryptocurrencies.

One important thing to note here is that crypto assets saw as many as two times more votes than commodities investments like gold or silver which came a distant 7th with 16%.

An earlier study in Russia also depicted the same preference. Russians showed their preference for Bitcoin as their investment option of choice over gold. 

US Investors are Actively Using Crypto Assets

According to the survey, majority of the respondents in America and the Asian country have heard about cryptocurrencies. However, that is where the similarities end as US based respondents showed they had more positive inclination towards the crypto industry than Japan based respondents.

In the United States for example, 15% of the participants said that they make use of digital assets to carry out different transactions. In Japan, that figure stands at just 4%. Not only that, over 70% of the participants in the US had a positive outlook of the industry, for their Japanese counterpart, almost 80% of the have a negative view of the space.

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