US Offers $10 Million Crypto Reward for Informants

In a bid to encourage individuals with useful information that can lead to the identification or location of a state-backed hacker targeting critical infrastructure to come forward, the United States Security Department is willing to give up to $10 million in crypto currency to those who provide this information. 

We earlier had reported that this new move was first made public to little fanfare earlier in the year, however, during the popular cyber conference Black Hat in Las Vegas where scores of hackers and cybersecurity experts participated, the US government revealed this plan again.

During the event, a Wi-Fi network, #Rewardsnotransoms, was left unprotected and anyone who.clicked on it was redirected to the new programme of the Department. 

By the same token, attendees who scanned the QR code on T-shirts and flyers handed out to participants on the floor of the convention were taken to the programme’s page. 

While programmes like this, aimed at getting information of possible attacks is not new, this particular instance is unique because the informants could elect to receive payments in cryptocurrency and reach out to the US government with sensitive information through a secure portal on the Dark Web

According to CNN, a State Department official said there’s a tremendous amount of enthusiasm because the agency is pushing the envelope with every chance they get to try and reach audiences, sources, people who may have information that helps improve our national security. 

Another official from the State Department, who declined to be named, explained that the Dark Web was chosen because it allows total anonymity and an initial level of security is probably more appropriate for those folks. 

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