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Venezuela’s top Aviation Academy to accept Bitcoin as Payment

Bitcoin’s widespread adoption has gathered pace in recent weeks with companies such as Tesla, Paypal, and Visa taking measures to adopt it as a payment method.

It seems like the trend has reached Latin America where Venezuela’s top aviation academy, Caracas Air, is now accepting Bitcoin as payment. On top of that, the company will offer discounts to customers paying in Bitcoin. Company CEO, Oliver Laufer announced the decision on Twitter. 

Venezuela’s struggling economy, rising inflation, and governmental controls are a major reason for Bitcoin’s rising popularity in the country. According to blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, Venezuela is only behind Ukraine and Russia when it comes to peer-to-peer trading. 

Laufer along with his brother founded Caracas Air in 2015. The brothers sold everything in 2009 and bought a Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane.

With those funds, they started a flight school which has now expanded to 900 students making it one of the fastest-growing aviation academies in the continent. 

As for Venezuela, Bitcoin isn’t the only popular digital asset in the country. Other cryptocurrencies like DASH have also become popular with the public.

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