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Vietnam Reports Shortage of HHDs as Chia’s Craze Grows in China

As the craze around the mining of Chia cryptocurrency continues to build, there are now reports suggesting a rise in prices for hard drives in Vietnam, with local investors putting in large investments.

According to the local media reports, local buyers in Hanoi are purchasing large-scale hard drives in bulk and reselling them to Chinese miners at high rates, eventually resulting in a big shortage of the computer accessory key to crypto mining.

A prominent Vietnamese data storage company, Seagate Vietnam, said that since March, it has been short of as much as four terabyte hard drives. It further added that the shortage came as the company’s consumers started buying hard drives in bulk instead of the usual minor orders.

Meanwhile, the conversations on several social media platforms popular among the crypto supporters suggest that miners are now combining small and big hard drives as it is getting challenging to find the large-scale six terabyte hard drives.

This development coincided with an announcement from a prominent Chinese accessory manufacturer, Onda, that it would be rolling out special motherboards for Chia mining.

Per Coinspeaker, this new product aims to replace the HDDs and SSDs. Since Chia’s launch last month, the world’s most populous country has recorded a surge in mining activities.

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