Walmart Wants a Crypto Product Lead

Per a new job listing, one of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart, is seeking the service of Product Lead for its digital currency and cryptocurrency division.

The newly posted opening, Walmart requires a Digital Currency Product Lead who will be responsible for developing its digital currency strategy and product roadmap.

Responsibilities expected of the individual include creating an overall vision for the product and its features, identifying technology and customer trends. Additionally, the lead will be saddled with the responsibility of finding crypto-related investments and partnerships. This could mean connecting with crypto companies that would be interested.

Per the job listing, candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or a related field with a minimum of seven years experience in merger and acquisitions, investment banking, business development, or a related area. They must also have at least ten years of experience in product or program management, technology commercialization, and/or technology, with a good background in Cryptocurrency and Ecosystem.

This is coming a few weeks after Amazon announced it was looking for an expert with a unique crypto background who possesses three years minimum experience. This indicates that big companies are also willing to join and enjoy the untapped potentials of cryptocurrency. 

While Walmart wants just one, Amazon is looking for over 70 blockchain-related posts, indicating how strong it is ready to explore the initiative. Recall that it was rumoured early this year that Amazon wanted to accept crypto. Japan’s Rakuten has begun accepting it, and it was well-received within the crypto community.What this indicates is that big companies are joining to explore the potentials of crypto.

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