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Watch Out for Bitmain’s new Ethereum Miner – The E9

With Ethereum prices surging and gas prices hitting all-time highs, miners are reaping big. To capitalize on Ethereum mining equipment’s growing demand, Bitmain has launched a new Ethereum miner, called the AntMiner E9. The new miner is an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and is designed to run the Ethash algorithm specifically.

However, the mining equipment giant has not yet declared the new miner’s price and technical specifications. The only public thing is that the new E9 miner is an upgrade of the E3 miner that has been in the market since 2018. At the moment, the most popular Ethereum miner is the A-10 pro by InnoSilicon. The machine is quite powerful, and its computing power ranges between 500 and 750 megahashes a second.

Currently, the price of the A10 Pro is about $11k per unit. That’s quite affordable for a machine that gives a gross profit margin of over 98%. With demand for mining equipment and Ethereum prices on the rise, the new device by Bitmain could range in this price level or higher. Data indicates that Ethereum mining revenues have been on an exponential growth path and touched $1.38 billion last month.

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