Wharton to Start Accepting Bitcoin Next Year

A Bloomberg report has indicated that the Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania will begin to accept crypto assets like Bitcoin and others for tuition into its new online blockchain and digital assets program starting next year.

The new online blockchain and digital assets program titled “Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets” is a six-week program expected to commence by January 2022 at a cost of $3,800 and a projection of thousands of student participants.

The crypto payment would be facilitated through the e-commerce platform of the largest U.S-based crypto exchange, Coinbase.

The Premier business school currently offers basic crypto and blockchain classes via Coursera, an online education platform.

In May this year, the business school appeared in the news following a receipt of $5 million worth of Bitcoin (118 units of BTC) that was given to the school by an anonymous philanthropist. It was reported that the school had since converted its BTC into fiat.

Another crypto-related news emanating from the School is the recent collaboration between the World Economic Forum and the Blockchain and Digital Assets Project at the Wharton School. The collaboration looks to address how businesses can effectively circumvent the regulatory quagmire associated with distributed ledger technology.  

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