What is NFFT?

The term NFFT stands for Non-fungible Fillable Token. If you are familiar with the developments in the crypto market, then you will know of NFT, i.e. non fungible tokens. These are unique tokens that represent specific items on the blockchain network. In recent months, NFTs have gained popularity with uses across sectors such as art, gaming, and more.

NFFT is a step up or an evolution of NFTs. It is a special type of NFT that gives the end user the opportunity to fill their Block with any artwork or image they want. Each block owner can also embed a url into the block and when a user clicks on the block, they will be directed to the URL.

The NFFT Blockverse is a creation of a decentralized autonomous organisation which includes developers, NFT enthusiasts, executives in the advertising industry, business people, and other strategic partners under the umbrella of Through this experiment, block owners have control over their own part of the blockverse.

Uploaded content on the blockverse will remain there forever. However, the added images and URLs can be changed to another.

What is the Vision for

The idea behind the creation of NFFT Blockverse extends beyond its launch, the goal is to create a community open to everyone and every idea, serving as markets for advertisers, galleries for artists, a place to put up new projects, and more. The creativity of the community will determine how successful it would be in achieving these lofty goals.

Types of Blocks

There are 9112 blocks in total and while they all have the same size, they are not the same in type. The blocks are of seven types based on rarity and location on the Blockverse.  

NFFT Blockverse

There are 3912 Common blocks, 2248 UnCommon blocks, 1080 Gem blocks, 780 Diamond blocks, 692 Legendary blocks, 396 Phantom blocks, and 4 Genesis blocks. The Genesis blocks which are the rarest are located at the center of the Blockverse.

The Sale Of NFFTs blocks

Buyers will have the chance to buy up to 50 NFFTs in one transaction and will need to have access to MetaMask to make a purchase. The sale, currently ongoing, will continue till all the blocks are sold out or minted and held by the platform.

Already, 70% of the blocks have been sold.


The NFFTs represent an upgrade on non-fungible tokens and have a lot of potential to further increase growth in this emerging sector of blockchain technology.


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