Winklevoss Twins Buy Virtual Real Estate in The Sandbox

Today, The Sandbox announced the sales of its virtual NFT properties to a new set of investors. The Sandbox was launched about eight years ago where users can build, own and trade their gaming experiences. The Sandbox Marketplace was also launched around last week where players can purchase NFTs using the $SAND token.

Projects and investors that have acquired virtual land on the Sandbox metaverse include Nifty Gateway, Gemini and their founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Other investors who acquired virtual lands are the co-founder of Craft Ventures Bill Lee, co-founder of Founders Fund Ken Howery, VP at Ford X Sundeep Madra and many others.

Winklevoss Twins Plan to Integrate Their Platforms Into the Sandbox

Each investor bought virtual land which is on the shared in-game map and has vowed to build interactive experiences on the acquired space. Tyler Winklevoss commented that they plan to integrate their existing platforms into the Sandbox. The game has attracted several big names in the crypto space including Care Bears, The Smurfs including the metal band Avenged Sevenfold.

The blockchain-based gaming platform has revealed that its next public virtual land sale will be on April 14. The platform also previewed that there would be premium land close to the acquired locations by the new investors. Also, alongside each virtual land, owners will receive exclusive premium NFTs to create their gaming experiences.

Demand for NFTs keeps growing as many more sales news keep making headlines. NBA Top Shot, created by Dapper Labs, recently completed a funding round that featured big names like Michael Jordan, Will Smith, Alex Caruso, Kevin Durant and the likes.

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