WWE Partners Bitski to Launch Its First NFTs 

World’s biggest professional wrestling company, WWE, has partnered with the Blockchain platform Bitski to launch its own non-fungible Tokens. The NFTs will showcase the biggest moments of The Undertaker’s professional career. The NFTs will feature on the Bitski website for two days, starting Saturday morning and continuing for the next 37 hours, until 11:30 pm on Sunday.

The release is divided into four tiers. Auctions will be held for the Platinum and Gold categories, while NFTs for Silver and Bronze tiers will be available for a fixed price. The Platinum auction will start at $10,000, with the winners receiving a one-of-a-kind Undertaker NFT, two front row tickets for Wrestlemania 38 or Wrestlemania 39, a customized Championship belt, and a Video message from “The Dead Man” himself.

That’s not all, and the winner will also get the ownership of the Paul Bearer Urn, which remained a significant part of The Undertaker’s persona throughout his illustrious career.

The winner in the Gold category will get a chance to visit any of the WWE’s weekly main events. The winner can choose to attend Monday Night Raw or the Friday Night Smackdown in 2021 or the next year. Multiple winners in lower tiers will also get the chance to own the unique collectibles. To be a part of the contest, participants must have a Bitski account and a wallet to receive their tokens.

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