Xbox to Accept Bitcoin? 

Users have been reporting over at Reddit on how a questionnaire from Microsoft is surveying Xbox users for preferred payment options – one of which is the Bitcoin. Popping up inside subreddits such as r/Bitcoin, r/ethtrader, and r/XboxSeriesX, Microsoft fans that are also cryptocurrency traders were more than excited to see how this would all come into play in the long run.

Microsoft is yet to comment on this Xbox Insider subscriber-specific survey, but their history suggests that they’re not that particularly new to the world of cryptocurrency. In fact, they have already accepted Bitcoin back in 2014 – allowing people to use the cryptocurrency to fund their accounts and use it to buy Microsoft software and even Xbox games.

Crypto dealings aside, it seems as if it will take quite a while until Microsoft adapts cryptocurrency more wholistically much like Tesla did, as President Brad Smith confirmed that cryptocurrency diversification for the company is still out of the picture for the time being.

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