XRP Potentially Headed for a Big Wave of Gains

XRP holders can smile again after a long time of stagnation. Today, the crypto is up by 4% and could see more exponential gains in the near-term. A series of unrelated good news put in a good position for gains.

Ripple’s aggressive expansion

There is no doubt that Ripple is on an aggressive expansion campaign in Asia. The company has announced that it has acquired 40% of a Malaysian cross-border Payments Company called Tranglo. Through this partnership, Ripple will have a more significant foothold in South East Asia, aiming for standardized cross-border payments in the region.

This is a follow-up to the company’s hiring of an ex-uber executive to lead its operations in the region. This is also a big deal for the native token of the crypto company because it is the crypto that the company is using and intends to use for cross-border payments in the region.

XRP Holders allowed filing motion

One of the reasons why XRP lost its 3rd place ranking in crypto-space and also hasn’t performed so well is the case against Ripple by the SEC. However, the latest turn of events points to a scenario where holders of the coin could win the case. The judge presiding over the case, Analisa Torres, has announced that the motion to intervene can be filed anytime between now and the 19th of April.

This is a big deal because it allows XRP investors to argue that by holding XRP, they are in no way Ripple investors. It will also strengthen Ripple’s case that even if the company ceased to exist, the crypto would continue running, just like any other cryptocurrency in the market.

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