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Youtuber Modded His Nintendo Game Boy to Mine Bitcoin

It’s amazing what people can do with technology nowadays. The growing adoption of Bitcoin has had people think outside the box to take advantage of the blockchain. Ranging from Smart contracts to NFTs, people are exploring new ways to adopt the technology. In an unbelievable video, a vlogger explains how he modded his Game Boy to mine Bitcoin.

Vlogger Uses Game Boy to Mine Bitcoin

The Youtuber said that he was drawn to Bitcoin mining following the news from Elon Musk that Tesla now accepts Bitcoin. In the video, the vlogger explained that he tried buying a fast GPU on online stores but couldn’t get one because they were all out of stock.

After some futile efforts to get his desired GPU online, he decided to turn his high-end gaming hardware into a Bitcoin miner. At that moment, his Nintendo Game Boy came in handy and so he decided to get innovative with it.

The first challenge he identified was how to connect the Game Boy to the internet considering that it had no Wi-Fi.  To mine Bitcoin, he needed a way to communicate with the Bitcoin node, which in turn, communicates with the Bitcoin network that sends the required data.

Game Boy Mines Bitcoin Very Slowly

Also, he needed a way for the Gameboy/mining machine to announce that it has successfully added a block to the blockchain. The anonymous vlogger was able to come up with a solution using a Raspberry Pi Pico and a 4 channel bi-directional logic shifter.

He also revealed some of the codes he used to create the Gameboy Bitcoin miner. The video is a stepwise guide on how to setup to set up a Game Boy console to start mining Bitcoin. Although, it requires a little technical knowledge, nonetheless, it’s a pretty informative video.

However, the game console was only able to mine at 0.8 hashes per sec. Contrasting the hash rate to that of a modern ASIC miner the Game Boy is 125 trillion slower. This means it would literally take the Game Boy some quadrillion years to mine Bitcoin at that rate.

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